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Canadian Medstore about Foods That Increase Libido

Food That Increase Potency

The desire of every man is to have perfect health. A poor ecological environment, a speedy rhythm of life, constant stresses can affect even a healthy man. How to avoid such a situation? To prevent erectile dysfunction, man needs to pay a special attention to the nutrition and eat more foods that increase potency.

Balanced nutrition is a guarantee of health and good potency

A guarantee of good health and good sexual health is a balanced diet. It is the main source of vitamins, microelements and minerals that have an activating action and are necessary for maintaining health.

With a rational diet and an active lifestyle, a man can forget about poor potency. It is very important to make up a correct diet plan, find useful foods for potency and good physical condition. In this article, Canadian Medstore staff will talk about a healthy male diet for male potency. What foods improve potency?

High potency foods

The diet of a healthy man should include different foods containing calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium and so on. Besides, the organism must receive the necessary amount of animal and vegetable proteins, natural fats and carbohydrates that improve erection.

Experts recommend carefully calculate the daily diet, which will fully meet the daily needs of the body.

The male diet should be vitaminized. The necessary vitamins for male potency include A, C, E, D. In the winter it makes sense to take vitamin supplements. Vitamins B5 and B6 also improve potency. They help the body to deal with stress, regulate the balance of hormones. Foods rich in these vitamins should be included in the male diet.

Aphrodisiacs are irreplaceable in the diet of a man. They contain zinc, necessary for the production of male sex hormones and sperm, which increases the production of dopamine – a libido hormone. Eat more foods rich in antioxidants and theobromine that are responsible for the feeling of love.

The role of nutrition in the life of a man

Proper and balanced nutrition, rich in vitamins, minerals and valuable substances, is considered a guarantee of a good erection. Aphrodisiacs improve male potency, increase a desire. B vitamins struggle with stress and nervous tension, microelements contribute to the development of male hormones.

If a man leads a healthy lifestyle, eats protein foods, vegetable food, fruits, dairy products, sweets and many other foods for male potency, he will be able to satisfy his woman without much difficulty.

Best foods for male potency, in the opinion of Canadian Medstore

Many men have a question: how to improve potency naturally? There are a lot of options. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat, sweets, honey, seafood, fish, greens, milk, cottage cheese are the best sources of a strong erection. Men should eat them regularly in order to maintain a good tone. We’d like to review the effect of each food category on male potency.

Vegetable foods for male potency

Vegetable foods are able to increase the sexual activity and potency of a man. These are artichokes, lettuce, melon, nettle, carrot, turnip, sunflower, anise, cabbage, celery, beets, soybeans, nuts, almonds, pistachios, seeds of quince, pepper ginger and other useful vegetable foods for male potency. But what is so useful about these foods?

They have an unusual composition. They contain many vegetable proteins. Of course, they are less essential in comparison with proteins of animal origin. In combination with ED pills from Canadian Medstore, these foods with amino acids are very favorable for regaining potency.

Vegetable foods also contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and components, which improve sexual activity, necessary for a normal hormonal balance.

Urologists and sex therapists recommend eating more oranges, pomegranates, avocados, peanuts, walnuts, other nuts, lemons, figs, mint, thyme, cumin, tarkhun and portolac. These foods are excellent for a male potency.

Protein foods for male potency

Protein foods are equally important for a man. The sexual power of men can be improved by meat, so you should eat it quite often. Fish dishes are also useful. They improve the quality of erection by several times.

The best fish for male potency is mackerel. It contains microelements that increase a sexual desire, and vitamin E, responsible for the production of testosterone – the main male hormone.

A diet of a healthy man should necessarily include vegetables. They miraculously increase the sexual power. Potatoes, turnips, onions, mushrooms, carrots are the best vegetables for boosting male potency. They stimulate a sexual desire due to a special amino acid composition, which has a beneficial effect on the sexual abilities of a man. Dandelion is an excellent simulator. Add it to vegetable salads. It is rich in trace elements and proteins.

Sweets for male potency

Honey is useful for health and potency. You can mix it with walnuts, hazelnuts or peanuts and eat every day 3-4 hours before sleep. You can replace walnuts and peanuts with prunes, sesame seeds, peeled seeds or other fruits.

Black chocolate is the most effective sweet food that increases potency. It improves mood, struggles with stress, and also contains antioxidants responsible for a feeling of love and a strong erection. Cocoa produces a similar effect.

Seafood for male potency

Flounder, salmon, mackerel, shrimp, squid, crayfish have a beneficial effect on sexual abilities. They contain selenium and zinc – the main minerals that improve the sexual function of each man.

Seafood is the main source of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone. Oysters contain a lot of zinc, responsible for the production of sperm and male sex hormones. They guarantee the maximum “love” and high potency.

Mollusks have the same features as oysters and improve erectile function. They are rich in zinc and rare amino acids that are responsible for the production of sex hormones.

For best results, you should eat mollusks in raw form, since heat treatment destroys a significant part of useful microelements and proteins.

Canadian Medshop recommends eating mollusks during the breeding season. During this period, the concentration of amino acids in them is very high.

What should be excluded from the diet?

The Main Possibility of Erectile FunctionImprovement
To prevent erectile disorders, you should limit useless and harmful foods that negatively affect erection and potency, including but not limited to coffee, energy drinks, sweet soda. Yes, some of them increase a desire for a few hours, but their frequent use causes a significant load on the vessels and the heart and increases the chances of thrombosis and heart attack.

You should also minimize macaroni and other carbohydrate foods that do not improve potency. Do not abuse white bread. They cause overweight and erectile dysfunction.

Rye bread is useful for a man. It contains vitamin B, needed for a normal erection.

Sausages should be also excluded from the male diet. They contain preservatives and other chemical components that negatively affect male sexual power.

A man should eat foods that increase potency every day. Combined with ED drugs from Canadian Pharmacy, regular sex life, sports, walking and excellent mood will allow you to forget about poor erection.

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